Hand Tarps

Throw Tarp Build Sheet

Upside Down Box Build Sheet

 green-mesh2.jpg  7oz Green Mesh

  • Ideally suited for tobacco curtains and farm equipment
  • Lightweight, weighs 7oz per square yard
 12oz-mesh3.jpg  12oz Black Mesh

  • Ideally suited for hand tarps, dump truck tarps and semi-automated tarps
  • Weighs 12oz per square yard
  • Comes in 61”, 84” and 96” widths off the roll, easily weldable for custom widths and lengths
  • Entry level tarp material for automated tarp systems
 scrappie2.jpg  Scrappie
• Ideally suited for scrap metal haulers, C&D, land clearing, wherever torturous loads are present from dump trucks to auto-tarp replacement tarps. NOT recommended for semi-auto tarp systems
• Heavyweight mesh, weighs 14oz per square yard
• Comes in 144” widths off the roll and cannot be heat seamed
• Highest tear and burst strength mesh available
• High load conformance material, IE very flexible
 canvas2.jpg  14.90 Canvas
• Ideally suited for compactor curtains and diaper
• Heavyweight, solid canvas material. 14.90 oz per square yard.
• Comes in 48” rolls and easily sewn for custom lengths and widths
 vinyl2.jpg  18oz Vinyl
• Ideally suited for hand tarps
• Weighs 18oz per square yard
• Comes in a variety of colors
• Solid material, waterproof.
• Suitable for asphalt and when loads need to be kept dry
 vinyl2.jpg  22oz Vinyl
• Ideally suited for rollover tarps, transportation tarps, etc
• Weighs 22oz per square yard
• Comes in a variety of colors
• Solid material, waterproof
• Suitable for asphalt and for keeping loads dry