Strong and reliable tarps are crucial in the harsh world of waste, recycling, and refuse management. These tarps are essential for safely covering loads on dump trucks, roll-off container trucks, and hook-lift container trucks. O’Brian Tarping Systems leads the way by offering specially designed tarps that excel in these areas. Let’s explore why O’Brian tarps are the best choice for the waste management industry.

Engineered for Durability: Single-Piece Mesh Material

O’Brian’s tarps are crafted from a single piece of 10′ wide, 1300 denier mesh material, eliminating the weaknesses associated with multi-piece tarps. For areas requiring additional strength and wear protection, 1000 denier mesh is used to seam parts together, heavy duty truck vinyl is added to the tarp significantly enhancing durability.

Why does this matter?

In waste and recycling environments where tarps face constant abrasion and potential tearing, our seamless design and thicker material ensure durability, reducing the frequency of replacements.

Weatherproof and Wind-Resistant: Vinyl Reinforcement

The front of our tarps features a 10′ x 10′ 18oz vinyl reinforcement designed to combat wind and weather. This reinforcement not only seals containers effectively but also minimizes tarp billowing.

Why does this matter?

In the fast-paced refuse industry, securing loads against the wind ensures that debris remains contained, preventing spillage onto roads and reducing the risk of accidents or environmental pollution.

Smart Flap Design: Secure and Simplified

Our tarps boast 10″ flaps on each side, ingeniously designed with memory to remain stowed when not in use, thereby avoiding the complications of bungee cords.

Why does this matter?

In an industry where time and reliability are of the essence, our flap design ensures quick, secure coverage without the hassle of dealing with cords that can stretch, break, or catch debris, making the process safer and more efficient.

User-Friendly Features: Webbing Loops

To further enhance ease of use, our tarps include webbing loops for attaching bungee cords, offering a practical and reliable alternative to traditional grommets.

Why does this matter?

For operators in waste management, who often work under time constraints and in varying weather conditions, these loops make securing the tarp faster and less cumbersome, allowing for quick adjustments and secure fastening.

Optimized for Waste Management: Adaptive Sizing

Our tarps are specifically sized for waste management vehicles, measuring 8′ wide in a neutral position and extending to 9’-8″ with the flaps deployed.

Why does this matter?

This design ensures that the tarps can adapt to varying loads and container sizes, providing comprehensive coverage when needed while keeping the flaps out of the way when not in use, thus optimizing operational efficiency and load security.


O’Brian Tarping Systems are not just tarps; they are crucial components of efficient waste, recycling, and refuse operations. Designed to meet the industry’s challenges, our tarps provide durability, weather resistance, and user-friendly features. By choosing O’Brian, businesses in the waste management sector can expect a product that not only meets but exceeds the demands of their work environment, setting a new standard in tarping solutions and offering a tangible advantage over the competition.