Lowest profile arms in the industry

  • The Diablo Tarping System is compatible with both hook lift and cable lift hoists.
  • Arms below and in front of the majority of all containers and compactors eliminating the 2 out of 3 things that damage a tarp system.
  • Lightest weight, fully adjustable, fully hydraulic tarp system with an installed weight of 850 pounds. Get back the weight capacity you lost with the latest round of emissions controls by switching to a Diablo
  • Our patented elbow upper arms enable the operator to place the roller on the rear of the container (10 to 40 cubic yard containers for lengths from 16’ to 22’) or on the rails of the hoist. This minimizes arm damage, maximizes your tarp life while preventing debris from blowing out the container.

Compare the O'Brian Diablo to the Pioneer Rack 'N Pinion

Features Pioneer Rack & Pinion RP4500SAR
3/16″ Arm Thickness Yes Yes
Adjustable Arms Yes Yes
Roller Mounted Between the Arms Yes Yes
Covers 20′, 30′ & 40′ Cubic Yard Cans Yes Yes
Rack and Pinion Pivot Point Yes No
Enclosed Rack and Pinion With Gears in a Constant Oil Bath Yes (Sealed against the elements) No (Gears are exposed to the environment)
Pivot Point Below the Container Yes (Below the top of the fender) No (Above the bottom of the container)
Lightweight Yes (850 lbs installed) No (1350 lbs installed)
Greaseless Yes (Oil Impregnated Bushings) No (Over or under greasing?)
Loadable From 100 % of the Side in Flatbed Hooklift Applications Yes (Arms below & in front of flatbed) No (Arms in the way)
Arms Below 99% of All Containers & Compactors Yes No

Additional Features

  • Greaseless pivot points utilize a self lubricating bushing. No longer do you have to deal with weekly or monthly greasing for proper pivot lubrication and maintenance.
  • NO VALVING (diverter or divider combiners) required for proper arm sequencing or adjustable controls needed to control freefall.
  • O’Brian gives you control valve options, multi handle or joystick.
  • Patented elbow arms coupled with an enclosed gear pivot assembly produces the “best of both worlds” in tarping technology virtually eliminating all arm damage.

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