At O’Brian Tarping, we understand the daily challenges in waste management and material transport. We offer the Diablo Hoist Tarping System, a durable and functional product for these harsh environments.

Durable Design for Everyday Use

The Diablo Hoist Tarping System is designed to withstand daily wear and tear, making it a reliable choice for busy operations. In waste management, where equipment is constantly tested, Diablo stands out with its ability to handle the demands of both hook lift and cable lift hoists.

Low-Profile Arms Reduce Damage

The Diablo System features the lowest profile arms in the industry. Positioning these arms below and in front of most containers and compactors reduces the risk of arm damage. This design helps lower maintenance needs and improve operational efficiency.

Lightweight and Adjustable

Efficiency in waste management often means maximizing payload capacity. The 850-pound Diablo is a lightweight, fully hydraulic tarp system.

Patented Technology for Longer Tarp Life

The Diablo’s patented elbow upper arms enhance the system’s versatility and help protect the tarps. Operators can place the roller on the rear of the container or on the hoist rails. It is suitable for containers from 10 to 40 cubic yards and lengths from 16′ to 22′. This feature helps prevent debris escape and extends the life of the tarps.

A Dependable Tool for Daily Operations

Choosing the Diablo Hoist Tarping System means selecting a reliable tool to keep up with waste management and material transport demands. With features designed to improve efficiency and reduce downtime, the Diablo is a practical choice for businesses looking for a durable tarping solution.

The O’Brian Advantage

Choosing O’Brian Tarping Systems means opting for a partner that offers more than just a product. It’s about securing a solution that enhances operational efficiency, ensures regulatory compliance, and supports environmental protection efforts in the waste industry. With O’Brian, waste management professionals gain a reliable, efficient, and durable automatic tarp system backed by unparalleled support and a commitment to quality.