O’Brian Tarping Systems has been keeping operations covered since 1961. We specialize in a wide range of tarping solutions—from roll-off and hook lift systems and dump truck and trailer tarps to custom-made boat covers and hand tarps—and meet various containment needs. Our extensive dealer network is a testament to our commitment to accessibility, quality, and customer support. Here’s why this network is pivotal to both our success and that of our clients in the waste management industry:


With dealers across various regions, O’Brian Tarping Systems ensures that its tarping solutions are accessible to waste management companies everywhere. This widespread availability helps reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency.

Local Expertise

Dealers offer localized advice and solutions tailored to their area’s specific challenges and regulations. This ensures clients get the most effective and compliant tarping solutions.

Quick Service and Support

The extensive dealer network means that maintenance, repairs, and support are readily available, minimizing operational interruptions and keeping waste management services running smoothly.

Product Improvement

Feedback from the dealer network helps O’Brian Tarping Systems continuously improve its products. This ensures the company can quickly adapt to market changes and customer needs.

Strong Customer Relationships

Local dealers help strengthen the relationship between O’Brian Tarping Systems and its clients by providing a more personal and responsive service experience.

O’Brian Tarping Systems’ dealer network is essential for providing accessible, customized, and well-supported tarping solutions to the waste management industry, enhancing the company’s service quality and customer satisfaction.