What makes the Magnum tarp system, an Extreme Duty tarp system?

  • 3/4″ Solid Steel Upper Elbow
  • 35% Additional steel under pivot point of lower arm with an interlocking plate design
  • Titan Tarp Mesh material is the strongest tarp mesh used on rollofs and hook lift trucks
  • Interlocking pivot assembly
  • All pivot points are self lubricating, eliminating time and money over or under greasing
  • Upper arm deflectors prevents arm damage from bowed containers and compactor hinges
  • Approximate installed weight is 1250 lbs.

Compare the O'Brian Magnum-XD to the Pioneer Rack 'N Pinion

Features O'Brian Tarping Systems Magnum-XD Pioneer Rack & Pinion RP4500SAR
Grade-A5 Tubing Arm Structure Yes Yes
Roller Mounted Between the Arms Yes Yes
Adjustable Arms Yes Yes
Covers 20′, 30′ & 40′ Cubic Yard Cans Yes Yes
Covers 24′ & 50′ Cubic Yard Cans Yes No
Doesn’t Require Greasing Yes (Oil Impregnated Bushings) No Requires Bi-Weekly Greasing
1/4″ Arm Wall Thickness Yes No (3/16″ Arm Wall Thickness)
Integrated Upper Arm Deflectors Yes No (No Upper Arm Deflectors)
Pivot Point Below Container Floor Yes No (Above Floor Bottom)
Valveless Design Yes No (Needle Valves and Divider Combiner Valves Required for Arm Synchronization)

Magnum-XD Photo Gallery