O’Brian Diablo and O’Brian Magnum tarp systems are among the finest and most reliable in the industry. With over 60 years of experience, O’Brian is the only tarping system manufacturer to produce all their tarps to ISO 9001-2000 quality standards. Each Diablo and Magnum tarp system is manufactured in-house to ensure O’Brian’s standards of quality are consistently met. Your preferences will determine whether a Diablo or a Magnum XD Extreme Duty tarp system is right for you.

Diablo Tarping System

Manufactured with the lowest profile arms in the industry, the Diablo tarping system is constructed with arms and the pivot point completely below and in front of most containers and compactors, eliminating two of the top three things that damage a tarp system. The Diablo is lightweight with an installed weight of 850 pounds, adjustable, and fully hydraulic providing enhanced weight capacity. Additional Diablo tarp system features include:

  • Upper and lower arms are completely below and in front of compactors and containers.
  • Rotary actuator is mounted to a single bracket for quick and easy installations.
  • Patented elbow upper arms allow the operator to place the roller on the rear of the container.
  • Greaseless pivot points utilize self-lubricating bushings.
  • Ultra-lightweight design.
  • No valving is required for proper arm sequencing.

Magnum-XD Extreme Duty Tarp System

The O’Brian Magnum XD Extreme Duty tarping system is manufactured with a redesigned elbow constructed from 3/4” plate steel, providing less downtime, more productivity, and fewer revenue losses. Magnum’s new design offers an offset cylinder linkage with 35% more material under the central pivot, making it substantially stronger. Additional O’Brian Magnum XD tarp system features include:

  • 3/4″ Solid Steel Upper Elbow
  • 35% Additional steel under the pivot point of the lower arm with an interlocking plate design
  • Interlocking pivot assembly
  • All pivot points are self-lubricating, eliminating time and money over or under greasing
  • Upper arm deflectors prevent arm damage from bowed containers and compactor hinges
  • The approximate installed weight is 1250 lbs.

Diablo & Magnum XD Tarp System Similarities

Both the Diablo and Magnum XD tarp systems are used for roll-off truck applications and have several similarities, including:

  • Greaseless
  • Adjustable arms
  • Pivot point below container floor
  • Roller mounter between arms
  • Covers 20′, 30′, and 40′ cubic yard cans

Diablo & Magnum XD Tarp System Differences

Several differences separate the Diablo and Magnum XD tarp systems. Depending on your specific application, one may suit your requirements. Diablo and Magnum XD roll-off truck tarp system differences include:


  • 3/16″ arm thickness
  • Lightweight
  • Loadable from 100% of the side in flatbed hook lift applications
  • Arms below 99% of all containers and compactors
  • Joystick operation only

Magnum XD

  • Covers 24′ and 50′ cubic yard cans
  • 1/4″ arm thickness
  • Integrated upper arm deflectors
  • Matched displacement lower cylinders require no valves for synchronous operation
  • Joystick powered or can use hoist controls to power the tarper